How to Contribute

The AMENA Center for Entrepreneurship and Development leverages the strengths of the University of California at Berkeley to alleviate the entrepreneurship, innovation, skills, integration, and gender gaps in the broader Middle East region.

Wire Transfer Instructions

University of California Bank Name: Bank of America, NA

Bank Account Number: 01753-80001


Routing / Transit (ABA) #: 0260-0959-3

CHIPS Address: 0959

SWIFT Address: B0FA US3N

Bank Address for routing: 100 West 33rd St, New York, NY 10001 USA

Branch Physical Address: 1655 Grant St, Concord, CA 94520 USA

Please provide the following Reference Number with your wire: BIT-006

UC Berkeley is a 501C3 tax-exempt organization, providing Berkeley’s tax ID Number, and noting that all contributions to us are fully tax-deductible under US law.